Monday, February 4, 2013

World Cancer Day 2013

Posted by Belle Edwin at 12:23 PM

Did you know?
Today is the World Cancer Day.
Thanks to the Calender i bought from St Anthony Church during last Christmas.
Cancer, a very frightening disease huh?
Just want to say;

For those who Suffering:
May God give you strength to fight the disease
and may you win the battle!

For the Survivor: 
Praise the Lord!
Take extra care of yourself

For those who lost the battle:
Rest in Peace my friend

p/s: My prayers and thought is with you.

more info on WCD official Website


Just said...

praise God that I'm still here.. :D

Belle Edwin said...

iya...Thank God! kama...ikutla cakap duktur..klu debilang nda buli mkn itu ini...ikut....apa2 pun live ur life to the fullest kio ;)

Wyne Mouren said...

To survive tu kan mesti mau kuat hati mau hidup dan bukan sinang mau atur tu otak berpikiran macam tu.

Thanks for informing us about this day.

Belle Edwin said...

To survive and be positive is not an easy job...Salute to the survivor!

de engineur said...

New air, new motivation. Some people like it, some prefer the same way for long period

Belle Edwin said...

De Engineur misti ko mo comment on my current post kan? hee button komment on top of post ba tu.. ;) Iya...well i need new adventure i think...

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