Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (#2)

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saya siakan! sluurpp..

*siakan= teringin makan

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Visit

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The Sun is shining brightly
The flower bloom as it never bloom before
The birds sing a pleasant song
Because Hadraniel is coming!
World is overjoyed with the visit.

When the sun is standing straight with the earth
And while the whole world is celebrating Hadraniel
Suddenly rain and tornado shows up
Envy and not pleasure with the bright scenery
They shows up fiercely
Tornado hit the bird violently
And rain is drowning all the flowers
The Erath is gloomy and looked brownish because of the mud
Hadraniel afraid and left the earth

The day comes calmly on the next day
Earth meets again with the sun because it has to be that way
But the sense is not as comfortable as yesterday
No Birds, No Flower
No Song, No Color
The situation is like mourning the death king

The dolphin in the sea popped a question to the earth
When will Hadraniel come again?
So do the Rabbit the forest.
But then again
No one knows when the next visit.

~Belle Edwin a.k.a MandakRanau~

Finally i manage to write a poem!
ignore the grammar error ya...

p/s: kamu paham ka ni?
klau kamu nda paham bermakna sy berjaya buat poem..haha


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im attending this one course recently
well..its about finance record actually..
tapi ada juga tu penceramah selit2 cerita lain on her presentation.
she is working with arkib negara
she told us that they still have the love poem written by our Malaysian popular poetry
Pak Za'ba..
ala..poem yang dia mengurat Isteri dia ba..
she told us that bahasa yg digunakan terlalu puitis smpai dia pun nda paham..
then i was wondering
poem is one of the method to express your feeling in 'complicated' way..
i called it complicated since mimang orang susah mau paham kan..hehe
****(*google pix)

i feel down recently..
em~ i think i should start writing a poem ni..
bah...till then..
have a nice day..

Friday, July 22, 2011


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The face of their mother still lingering in my mind… Aduih…sedihnya saya….
Don’t Worry mummy kitty, your kitty is safe with me.. I promise you that!
(4 anak ko kan…sy ambil la 2…ko nda dapat jaga juga tu semua…)

Ok cukup la tu emo2! Hehe Well considering myself as CATSAVER kunun..
Walaupun cara sy ambil this 2 little kitty macam pencuri…
siap tingu kiri kanan, turus balari masuk kerita
sedih ba sy dengar mummy dia miau2...
(tau pula bersalah kan)
FYI, sy jumpa durg di siring jalan..
i dont know if durg ni stray cat or ada tuan..
but still..they are cute little creature that i always love~!
ladies & gents...
(hubby yang kasi nama durg :)


This is Hello.
Hello kurus sikit dari mojo..tapi friendly :)

and this one is MOJO!
bulu si mojo ni tebal n panjang...cute..
dan kuat makan~!
happy to have them as family..
p/s durg bulum mandi & masih cumut...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (#1)

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google pix


Monday, July 18, 2011

Malu Bertanya Sesat jalan, Banyak Bertanya?

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famous ni ayat kan?
I was at the Local Bank just now
and the Customer service Pakcik serve me so well
mimang patut dia dapat pujian..
so when i entered the bank..
dia pun greet sy..
'Selamat petang cik, how may i help u?'
so sy pun straight to the point la..
apa yang sy mau berurusan di tu bank..
so dia pun pigila cari tu document yg sy mau di office
so while i was waiting for that pakcik at the customer service counter
ada ni security guard next to the counter..
well, maybe he was bored..
so he break the silence..
and ask me.
'Sabah Sarawak ke?'
"Sabah" i replied.
'dah lama kerja sini?'
'emm...baru 7 tahun'
'Ganti-ganti kerja ke, 1 keje je?'
'1 keje je'
sy mula not comfortable to entertain his Q suda sini..
so sy make faces to hint hin that im not interested to talk to him.
since i am suffering tonsillitis today..
tidak sakit sanggat tapi..cuma tdak larat mau becakap banyak ba..
then again dia ni yang nda paham atau nda mau paham ask me again...
'Dah kawin ke?'
'Dah' I replied..
and u cant believe what he replied me..
'Patut la, tengok badan pun dah tau da'
i was like..
WTF!!!! tebeliak mata sy kijap kana jawab begitu..

mau ja sy jawab
kerja ko ni apa? tingu badan orang?
pastu ada lagi Q dia ni...
'tidak nampak cam kristian pun?'
i dont know why he ask me such Q, mungkin sebab he saw my necklace kali
aduih..makin boiling darah sy sini..
tapi sempat juga bepikir..
macamana org kristian yang dia maksudkan..
must a christians to looked like mat salleh? bingung~!
tapi sy tdak cakap apa2 lagi sama tu stupid security man
then suddenly Hubby came in to me and pass me the car key
since he want to go and buy paper at 7E next to this bank..
lepas tu tiada suda soalan dia tanya..
bare in mind
Status, Race, Age, Job, Children, Religion
is sensitive question for first conversation.

dont ever ask people such question.
mungkin ada yang rasa it is not..
but believe me..
people will make faces and some may stunned for a sec and hesitate to answer that.
Why dont ask other question..
tanya pasal tempat menarik di kampung orang tu ka..
emm~ really la that pakcik sikuriti a..
tambah bad mood sy jak ni ari...
well untuk penutup post ni ari,
I AM ROUND nowadays,
but he is UGLY!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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if u don't want to see my dark side, don’t make a promise u can't stick with, don’t say what u don't mean n don’t get close 2 me if u can't handle it~ + if I told u exactly how I feel right now u would have nightmares darling...! ^^v
Interesting huh?
This FB post from one of my friend in FB..
Banyak juga response ni post ni…
And 1 response that really caught my attention is this..
1st:tell everything about ur past and present before have any relationship...well if u noe he faltering u hehehehe :-)
2nd:let him decide, if he love from WHAT U ARE then fail...but if he love u from WHO U that i say grab him dont let it go
Jadey! Kalau kamu…
What will u do?
Do you really have that guts to tell someone who is not sure to be you BF/GF about the dark secret of yours?
And in the other hand..
Is it really important for you to know that?
Is it the ‘must do and must tell’ before having a serious relationship?
Misti banyak yang punya alasan sendiri..
Ada diantara kita yang rasa confessing is the best way to start a relationship
So the other person can deal with it..
And some of us think that
What happened is happened, let the time buried it and let it just be me deal with it.
macam ‘let bygone be bygone’ la..
So if im asking myself that 3 question;
This will be my answer.

1. I am not going to reveal my dark secret until we are having such a serious relationship. I tell u, it took me a LOOONG time before make a confession.

2. It is not important for me to know the dark secret of my other half, tu sejarah dia.. and im not interested to subject sejarah juga bei…hahaha
If it will hurt me, I prefer let him to not spill it.

3. Is it the ‘must do and must tell’ before having a serious relationship?

BIG NO darl..

1st sebab belum tau tu girl/boy will be your BF/GF/WIFE/HUSBAND
2nd You will ruin your chance to love and to be loved by someone you like.
I remember once my colleague told me this..
Be in serious relationship is like gambling,
You don’t know you will win or lose.
As for me,
I believe this!
1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply,
because love covers over a multitude of sins.

^_^ Have a nice day everyone! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


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i love to do some tag here..
hahaha...kinda lame huh?
i think this is what should i do when i am run of idea to write..LOL
so hey there, if u got the shiok tag..
pls tag me... i love to do one :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


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ada beberapa orang suda bagitau sy yang they cant access my blog
due to malware from bryankouju blog
suda sy remove dia dr sy punya follow list tu...
amacam mau buat tu a?

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