Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Posted by Belle Edwin at 10:46 PM

i remember when my cuzzy leave a msg on my FB wall sound like this..
well maybe shes kinda annoyed with mostly the pic i uploaded gambar sy ma little hello mojo i guess..LOL!
well..i cant stop myself from take pic with this cute lil God creature..
i just love to do that.. talking bout them.. they grown up already.. :-)
i remember when i first took them..they just as big as my palm..
sakarang..panjang cam betis sy suda..
something really worring me recently..
im going to have a long holiday this December..and im still looking for the best and affordable cat boarding..tapi bulum...lg jumpa2 ni..risau pula sy jadi cam kes petknode..CHOIII!!!
well...i would be so lucky if ada urg sanggup Petsit them..heheh..
well of course not for free la ba...
so anyone??...hehehe
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Just said...

itu la yg buat sia nda mau ambil pet.. susah kalau becuti lama2 teda urg jaga. kesian kan.. hrp2 ada la urg mau jaga.

Belle Edwin said...

haha just...lau ndada terpaksala sy kasi abis bonus sy bayar pet hotel..hotel la mangkali.. :)

AngeL BeaR said...

where's ur location? if in KK try antar pi SAMC (Sabah Animal Medical Centre), the staff sana ok tu, I always send my cats there.

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