Friday, October 4, 2013

A Decade Hiatus

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Iya sungguh! a very long hiatus..
samangat mo blogging itu ada...
tapi! my time is fully occupied with motherhood thingy some updates from me..

1. Heavily Preggy
Yes! i am a whale with legs again!
im on my 31 week by now..
if you are one of my FnF in my FB list..
i've already revealed the baby gender :)
We are expecting a girl now!
YAY! 1 pasang suda..
ada suda kawan sy main make up nanti :) yea2!
pasni kilang akan ditutup sementara! hahaha...
not sementara i think..half a decade i plan..
I do walk like a king kong or penguin now..
walaupun ada juga keinginan dan cubaan mo CatWalk with this huge bump..
tapi nda buli suda... (*biar la~)

2. Heaven-son
FYI, my son Heaven is 1 year, 2 months and 3 weeks now..
bejalan suda dia... :)
he is a bit late to walk on his own actually..
baru 2 weeks ago he walk..
i always asked him.. 
bila la ko mo bejalan ni Heaven...
sakali suda bejalan...
panat sia mo membubut..
kadang-kadang rambut sy mo kambang macam singa sebab mo marah dia..
tapi..apala dia tau kan...
He is such a typhoon! about a couple weeks ago..
picah screen fon sy, charger fon pun rusak kerja dia..

3. New workplace
As i wrote on my post before..
yes,, finally ive been transferred to other Department..
still here in KL and same building.. (duh!)
but now i am working under Royal Malaysian Navy Department..
 well, so far so good! 

so blog updated!
till next post..
yang sia inda tau bila sy mo post..
(p/s: this is a pic-less and boring post)


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