Friday, February 1, 2013

Klinik Kesihatan Ampang

Posted by Belle Edwin at 8:30 AM

Business Hour:
Monday till Friday: 8.ooam until 9.30PM!
Saturday: 8.00am-12pm
Sunday: Closed

I Only knew about their business hour when Just told me.
well, as i posted before son is not feeling well these few days.
Feverish and RINGWORM! 
(*if u followed me on FB, u'll know this has been his problem for couple of weeks)
It getting worst since Saturday.
Mula2 di muka saja, now spread to whole body!
Thanks to this clinic and Just for this info
boleh la saya bawa Heaven jumpa Doctor

Husband and Son
 I'm impressed with their services,
I noticed that they accept last patient on 9.30pm!
so, those who lives around this area
Ampang dan sewaktu dengannya
you may visit this clinic.
Oh btw, this is GOVERNMENT CLINIC!

p/s: Heaven condition: if his ringworm will not recover until Friday 1st February, i was advised to revisit this clinic and Dr says my case will be refers to Paediatrician.


Just said...

saturday buka pula kan belle.. anything buli p saturday kalau malas p after work.

Belle Edwin said...

iya..sib baik..tegerak ati sy mau pigi tingu business hour sign dia... ;)

de engineur said...

very convenient for working parents.

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