Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saya suda Bersalin!

Posted by Belle Edwin at 9:41 AM
hahaha.....after 2 months and 2 days baru mau hapdet blog..
katara betul pemalas kan..
Yes friends..ive already delivered a healthy baby boy on 10th July 2012..
ngam2 Estimate Deliver Date (EDD) saya..
campin kan baby sy..on the due date dia keluar...
so the boy is 3kgs on the day he born and panjang dia 52cm...
me and Husband named him
K McHeaven
and yes you may wondering what is K stand for..
actually husband want to named him KAY ba...
but im not really into that name since its sound like a girl's name..
so..he ended up with just a letter 'K'..
and finally, K is stand for 'KING'
'KING in our family (after a long wait)
and a GIFT that sent from HEAVEN'
**** proud to present u my lil King

Me and Heaven (couple hours after birth) :)

Heaven aged 1 day

Heaven at 7 weeks


Just said...

Naa.. terjawab sdh persoalan sia!! I think muka dia mcm daddy dia ni. heheheh..

Belle Edwin said...

hahaha...iya pun still mencari mana part sy di muka dia..besar2 sikit mungkin nampak la tu kan.. :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Punya kiut. Congrats moi :)

Belle Edwin said...

TQ moi :)

Sarah said...

I love your baby punya nama. :)

Belle Edwin said...

Thanks kak :)
tapi bila kawan2 opis tanya nama baby..
semua tercengang...bingung kijap..
dorg susa mau sebut kali...kekekeke

Armstrong said...

Congratulations!Waaa... si Heaven ka nama dia. Cool.

Happy weekend, Belle. And happy being a mommy!

Belle Edwin said...

ya arms..inilah si kicik yang kana pic scan dulu... ;)
TQ and happy weekends to u too...

Dora Alicia said...

;) Macam muka daddy. Tunggu dia besar sikit baru buli nampak muka mommy kali kan. Nice name indeed.

shah said...

Kl jumpa sya buli ni king ^_^hu3

Belle Edwin said...


Belle Edwin said... pun masih mencari2 mana part ikut sy.. huhuhu

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