Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sniffing food before eat. Is it rude?

Posted by Belle Edwin at 3:15 PM
I dont think its rude..
but for some people, it is not pleasant to see someone sniffing food before eat or buy it.
well, i am that kind of person who SNIFF before i consume any food.
at first, i didnt realize this habit of mine untill one of my friend ask me
why do i sniff my coffee before drink it!
hah...di sana baru sy perasan my habit...
i do sniff all the food before i buy it...
expecially kalau beli nasi campur..
what do you think of this habit?
rude or not?
kalau sy suda hidu tu makanan...ko mau beli lagi tu makanan?


A.G.P said...

haha my cousin and her son also have the same habit as urs. suka btl hidu2 benda even yg bukan mknan pn kna hidu... tp sy rsa x rude la... it's just a habit. no one can help it.hehe.

Armstrong said...

For me, I think it's not rude. But the way you sniff is also important. Kalo cara sniff macam hidu wine then should be okay. Kalo yang hidu macam ada bau busuk tu yang sampai ada bunyi-bunyi lagi hahaa.

Happy Tuesday, Belle!

Booshee Lion said...

Sorry mo menyampuk. I'm blogwalking and saw this topic. Sia rasa x rude ba, bcos I do sniff my coffee too, especially kalo kupi baru. Pls feel free to visit my blog @

beaty said...

biasa saja bogia tu... hi hi.. sa pun suga juga singud kadang2 ni.. hi hi hi hi

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