Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY 2013: Where have you been? (part.1)

Posted by Belle Edwin at 3:02 PM
GONG XI FA CAI (ang pao na lai)
Still acceptable right? yalo..not Chap Goh Mei yet maa!
So how was you CNY? for those who celebrating 
of coz la gather and celebrate with family.
But for those who not..
what have you done on such a long holidays?
well, for me..
i've been to quite a lot of places to kill the boredom during that long holidays,
 and yes i did took another 3 days of AL since im nanny-less by that time.
One of my friend who studies in Ipoh
pay me a visit since she's in holiday too..
yalah semua orang balik kampung kan..
kesian pula kalau dia sendiri2 di hostel
so i invited her to come to KL and co-nanny my son!
sungguh mengambil kesempatan kan?! haha
Day 1
So on CNY eve, Saturday
we've been to Pantai Morib
It is located near Simpang Morib, which is about 10 km from the town of Banting. (wikipedia)

Me, Coolye with son Heaven
Its sunny and windy by that time..
well its beach obviously!

Coolye, Dewa Kekayaan (see his stomach) hahaha, Son and Husband is lepaking sambil makan kuui pisang

Heaven was so attracted to this colourful windmill, tingula..mau pigang sendiri kenen! 

well this is Auntie B! wah!! nda ba, this is me..feeling2 remaja ok!
kami nda pula pigi di pasir2 pantai since it was too hot and windy which is not a suitable weather for Heaven.
tau takut tapi bawa juga berjalan kan..
actually we want to visit the
Golden Palm Tree in Sepang
it was so near to Pantai Morib..
but since we reach Morib at 5pm..
kami batalkan saja niat kami..
will visit the place soon..

Golden Palm Tree Sepang aka Maldives of Malaysian version :P 
Day 2
Its CNY!
kami pigi 
Air Terjun Sungai Gabai
our favourite waterfall!
ada entrance fee ok..
RM1/pax.. baby FOC
ok la kan..bikin gaji staf yang kasi bersih ni tempat
oh btw, parking amat susah di sini k...
limited parking but ramai orang datang..

tingu! ramai orang kan,..

KL View from Ampang Saujana.
It was a perfect place to escape from the hectic city life..
buli la pigi mandi2 sungai dan menikmati pemandang alam hijau...hehe
oh btw, Ampang Saujana is the place that u can enjoy KL view..
view malam la paling shiok..

KL view from Ampang Saujana at night. Picture taken on V-Day 2011

we've been to 4 other places on the 2nd and 3rd of CNY
but...will blog about it later..
till next post ya!


beaty said...

c nora p lawat2 kamu o kan..

siok juga kamu pigi outing2 ni .. sa CNY pigi makan ja ni.. he he sian tada suda d angpo

Belle Edwin said...

Beaty - iya... shiok...kalau dia nda datang manada sy mau pigi jalan2.. kekeke

Just said...

naaa kan... quality time with heaven kan kalau nannyless.. heheheh... i think kan belle ko ngam lg pindik rambut.. :)

Jue said...

Waa...Becuti-cuti malaysia oo..

Wyne Mouren said...

Quality time with family is always amazing. Siok berjalan sama family kan hehehe..

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