Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CNY 2013: Where have you been? (part.2)

Posted by Belle Edwin at 2:16 PM
Abis suda dii CNY kan...
baru sy ada semangat mau post part 2.
well...ndada juga cerita and tempat yang hebat2  kami pigi..
so..let me continue ar

3rd day of Cuti - 2nd CNY
we've been to IKEA for lunch..
IKEA's signature meatballs always be my 'must eat' here!
I love the creamy gravy and the balls of course! keke
and also, big bro is haunting for Heaven's dining chair
dia kesian si Heaven ni..asal kami makan, dia tepuk2 paha kami minta makan...
kasian...macam kucing minta makanan ni..kekeke 
oya, IKEA is situated in Damansara Mutiara a...
not far from KL city
parking fee is only 50cents per hour
kalau ada beli barang, free jak..
but do give the parking tix to cashier when you checked out for free parking! ;)

1st pic: IKEA's Meatball
2nd (left): Heaven..try2 dining chair...this one is cute..but quiet pricey..RM200+
Mid (bottom): alelele...trip2 macam rumah sendiri tu contoh rumah sana Ikea
5th (Right): Husband and Heaven...playing peek-a-boo
and...we finally buy this for Heaven.
RM93 ja.. Murah kan? ;)

So at night, we decided to go to Icity, Shah Alam once we fetch one of our friend, Leng. Shes an ASWARA student. Major in Dance.

above: 3 of this pic! sebab buli kasi jeles our other BFF back in Sabah...(tapuji kan?)
bottom right: owh..that H&H doing the gangnam style...sebab ada orang menari gangnam infront of diaorang ikut2 la...
4th Day: 3rd CNY
well, since my friends is around and cuti..
kami pun bawa dorg to Istana Negara Lama
it was converted to Museum already.
entrance fee is RM5/adult RM3/kids
naik suda ni..last time i visited in November last year it only cost RM3/adult
but the King's house not open to visitor yet during that time.
shiok juga...but tidak buli ambil gambar dalam rumah raja ok!

ni semua gambar dewan dia and luar istana

yay! finally...siap juga post saya..
so guys if you come down to KL
do visit this places..


Jue said...

Waa..Pi Icity..Kami pun pernah pi sana tu...Cantik oo tempat dia kan..banyak lampu-lampu nie..heheh

Just said...

sgt tempting mau p i-city.. hmm.. akan diusahakan.. hehehe

Wyne Mouren said...

Ya bah, memang siok! :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

nxt time mau p sana :)

de engineur said...

Would love to visit the old istana. Quite interesting.

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