Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sniffing food before eat. Is it rude?

Posted by Belle Edwin at 3:15 PM 4 comments
I dont think its rude..
but for some people, it is not pleasant to see someone sniffing food before eat or buy it.
well, i am that kind of person who SNIFF before i consume any food.
at first, i didnt realize this habit of mine untill one of my friend ask me
why do i sniff my coffee before drink it!
hah...di sana baru sy perasan my habit...
i do sniff all the food before i buy it...
expecially kalau beli nasi campur..
what do you think of this habit?
rude or not?
kalau sy suda hidu tu makanan...ko mau beli lagi tu makanan?

Monday, May 27, 2013

We're Expecting!

Posted by Belle Edwin at 10:19 AM 5 comments

Yes, We are pregnant again! :)
hah..? so soon? misti ada yang cakap camtu kan? hahaha
i know..quite soon! :P
and we are not expecting it too..
well, its God plan.. :)
at first im not really excited about getting pregnant again, tapi on last monday (20th May)
saya ada pigi scan baby ba,,
its due to im bleeding.. not so serious just a dot of blood.. 
then again it really freak us out!
im feeling so weak by that time..
so, bila kana scan tu kan, i saw that 2nd little me+max was moving so cutely! 
owh...barulah sy rasa sooooo excited! 
its so bad for me to think and not feel grateful..i know! bedusa sy ni..
but actually i am really afraid of sickness during my 1st trimester..
tell you, i can handle the labour pain instead of morning sickness! 
kalau labour pain, sikijap ja sakit dia...about few hours..
kalau morning sickness..berbulan2 ba tu!!!
But Hooray!! im entering my 2nd Trimester today...
harap2 teda sudala tu sickness tu...
*cross finger*


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