Thursday, November 24, 2011

Easy A!

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I remember Daniel Chiam's review about this movie...
pastu sy rasa cam mauuuuu jak tingu ni movie..
and luckily a friend of my husband ada ni DVD..
so pa lagi tanpa berpikir panjang sy trus minta pinjam... ngeeehhe.. :B
have u guys watch this?

Tell you.. this is TOTALLY 'A' movie..
paling sy suka pasal ni movie '*ialah' *skema siot
the Parents-children relationship..
it shows how the parents are so sporting and supportive in this movie..
they believe their kids over rumors..
but sometimes its so crazy..hahaha...
like this scene..

funny eh? curios about the present? guess it! will tell ya later :P
i wish i could be such an open minded, sporting and supportive mother to my kids in future
ada lagi satu scene yang paling sy suka dalam ni movie..
but unfortunately sy cuba search di youtube.. teda pula...
if u already watch this..
the scene when the girl confess to her mother and durg duduk atas kereta..
pastu her mother pun confess what she have done before...
part angkat kaki paling sy rasa lucu...
so guys...
pa lagi...carila ni movie...
watch it! You'll not regret!

one of my fav scene too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (#5)

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Friday, November 18, 2011


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last night hubby went out for his jamming nite..
im not feeling really well last night..
so i grab my blanket and sleep as early as 11pm..(paling awal la ni sy tidur)
so time subuh2 he came and i heard he knocked at our bedroom door..
sy dangar juga..tapi sy nda larat mau bangun..
so dia buka pintu with his key..
masuk2 ja tanya sy..
kenapa kunci pintu..
sy nda larat mau jawab, coz im so damn sleepy...
dalam hati sy jawab..
'takut Hello & Mojo buka pintu ba'

p/s= Hello & Mojo is my 2 lil kitten.

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