Thursday, August 18, 2011

Virus! and Deal

Posted by Belle Edwin at 4:47 PM 2 comments
Iya..Iya, infected again!
The M Virus...
The MALAS virus la...
3 Minggu sudah sy nda upload new post kan..
well..i got a lot of things going on actually..
cuma malas mau mengarang ja ni...
Do u guys know about buying coupons online?
sy selalu visit ni websitebest juga deal2 dia...
current deal yg sy suka (tapi blum beli..hehe) di GROUPON ini

6 Customised 4” x 3” Photo Magnets for RM28 instead of RM72 (only RM4.70 each)

so sepa2 yang berminat.
do visit these 2 website..
banyak juga deal yang murah2..
deal melancong pun ada..
bah happy surfing and happy shopping! :)


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