Friday, October 4, 2013

A Decade Hiatus

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Iya sungguh! a very long hiatus..
samangat mo blogging itu ada...
tapi! my time is fully occupied with motherhood thingy some updates from me..

1. Heavily Preggy
Yes! i am a whale with legs again!
im on my 31 week by now..
if you are one of my FnF in my FB list..
i've already revealed the baby gender :)
We are expecting a girl now!
YAY! 1 pasang suda..
ada suda kawan sy main make up nanti :) yea2!
pasni kilang akan ditutup sementara! hahaha...
not sementara i think..half a decade i plan..
I do walk like a king kong or penguin now..
walaupun ada juga keinginan dan cubaan mo CatWalk with this huge bump..
tapi nda buli suda... (*biar la~)

2. Heaven-son
FYI, my son Heaven is 1 year, 2 months and 3 weeks now..
bejalan suda dia... :)
he is a bit late to walk on his own actually..
baru 2 weeks ago he walk..
i always asked him.. 
bila la ko mo bejalan ni Heaven...
sakali suda bejalan...
panat sia mo membubut..
kadang-kadang rambut sy mo kambang macam singa sebab mo marah dia..
tapi..apala dia tau kan...
He is such a typhoon! about a couple weeks ago..
picah screen fon sy, charger fon pun rusak kerja dia..

3. New workplace
As i wrote on my post before..
yes,, finally ive been transferred to other Department..
still here in KL and same building.. (duh!)
but now i am working under Royal Malaysian Navy Department..
 well, so far so good! 

so blog updated!
till next post..
yang sia inda tau bila sy mo post..
(p/s: this is a pic-less and boring post)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sniffing food before eat. Is it rude?

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I dont think its rude..
but for some people, it is not pleasant to see someone sniffing food before eat or buy it.
well, i am that kind of person who SNIFF before i consume any food.
at first, i didnt realize this habit of mine untill one of my friend ask me
why do i sniff my coffee before drink it!
hah...di sana baru sy perasan my habit...
i do sniff all the food before i buy it...
expecially kalau beli nasi campur..
what do you think of this habit?
rude or not?
kalau sy suda hidu tu makanan...ko mau beli lagi tu makanan?

Monday, May 27, 2013

We're Expecting!

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Yes, We are pregnant again! :)
hah..? so soon? misti ada yang cakap camtu kan? hahaha
i know..quite soon! :P
and we are not expecting it too..
well, its God plan.. :)
at first im not really excited about getting pregnant again, tapi on last monday (20th May)
saya ada pigi scan baby ba,,
its due to im bleeding.. not so serious just a dot of blood.. 
then again it really freak us out!
im feeling so weak by that time..
so, bila kana scan tu kan, i saw that 2nd little me+max was moving so cutely! 
owh...barulah sy rasa sooooo excited! 
its so bad for me to think and not feel grateful..i know! bedusa sy ni..
but actually i am really afraid of sickness during my 1st trimester..
tell you, i can handle the labour pain instead of morning sickness! 
kalau labour pain, sikijap ja sakit dia...about few hours..
kalau morning sickness..berbulan2 ba tu!!!
But Hooray!! im entering my 2nd Trimester today...
harap2 teda sudala tu sickness tu...
*cross finger*

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Total Fail Cake

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Well, as mentioned on my last post
i've decided to bake Heaven's birthday cake myself..
so last weekend i've baked a cake!
a rainbow cake to be exact..
but if u followed me on FB or Instagram
you must already see the output..
which really disappointing me
huh (-__-)'
 This is what exactly i want it to look like..
(*wah..cita-cita tinggi ni..mau cake macam ni1 :P)

Google Pix
But this is how my cake looked!
ok..u may laugh...
Even husband pun LOL when i said the cake is ready.
sedih (-__-)'
My kesian Total Fail cake
But, you know what.. the taste is good tau..
i should be proud of myself for that..
even my son pun balik-balik minta suap kek..
especially the red color, maybe he was so attracted to that color
and TASTE of course! (*mintapuji sikit ba..walaupun sedih dengan rupa rainbow cake itu)

sy antam saja susunan warna rainbow.. warna pun tidak cukup  7 warna.
apa2pun, since banyak lagi baki bahan2 aritu
i WILL do a cake baking again..
tapi ni kali saya tukar resipi n cara masak
oh btw, ini resipi cara saya bake aritu
cake saja..bukan cara decorating

Kek Butter Kukus from
ok..cubala kalau kamu mau cuba ;)
the ingredient pun quite simple  

p/s: Just, nanti kalau kek berjaya dari segi rupa dan rasa baru sy transfer sana k.. ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013


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 I am the type of person who like to plan any event properly.
 FYI, i've plan my wedding 1 year before the actual date.
From budgeting to themes to food, even susunan kerusi dan meja pun saya siap lukis plan.. haha..talampau kan?
A-Z planned before the event.
I hate those last minutes plan ba..
semua huru hara ba kalau last minute ni..
well...make long story short..ngeh! :B
my son Heaven is 8 months yo by now..
in another 4 months he'll turn 1!
yeeehoo~ its means Birthday Party! owyea~owyea~
venue, well as always my parent's resident at Kampung of coz..
Heaven anak kampung kan!
I've made a plan already tapi 'tang' theme pulak i stucked!..
kalau baby girl sinang ja mo pikir kan..
kalau baby boy? -_-'
Cake..ada suda la idea..
I've decided to bake the birthday cake myself (ngeh!)..
whoa..mau praktis dulu ni..
so Just besedia ah..tulung komen nanti.. :)

Birthday Plan
So kawan-kawan.. teman2 yang berpengalaman...
jika anda ada idea..atau ada tempat untuk cedok idea
mohon bantuan ya!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CNY 2013: Where have you been? (part.2)

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Abis suda dii CNY kan...
baru sy ada semangat mau post part 2.
well...ndada juga cerita and tempat yang hebat2  kami pigi..
so..let me continue ar

3rd day of Cuti - 2nd CNY
we've been to IKEA for lunch..
IKEA's signature meatballs always be my 'must eat' here!
I love the creamy gravy and the balls of course! keke
and also, big bro is haunting for Heaven's dining chair
dia kesian si Heaven ni..asal kami makan, dia tepuk2 paha kami minta makan...
kasian...macam kucing minta makanan ni..kekeke 
oya, IKEA is situated in Damansara Mutiara a...
not far from KL city
parking fee is only 50cents per hour
kalau ada beli barang, free jak..
but do give the parking tix to cashier when you checked out for free parking! ;)

1st pic: IKEA's Meatball
2nd (left): Heaven..try2 dining chair...this one is cute..but quiet pricey..RM200+
Mid (bottom): alelele...trip2 macam rumah sendiri tu contoh rumah sana Ikea
5th (Right): Husband and Heaven...playing peek-a-boo
and...we finally buy this for Heaven.
RM93 ja.. Murah kan? ;)

So at night, we decided to go to Icity, Shah Alam once we fetch one of our friend, Leng. Shes an ASWARA student. Major in Dance.

above: 3 of this pic! sebab buli kasi jeles our other BFF back in Sabah...(tapuji kan?)
bottom right: owh..that H&H doing the gangnam style...sebab ada orang menari gangnam infront of diaorang ikut2 la...
4th Day: 3rd CNY
well, since my friends is around and cuti..
kami pun bawa dorg to Istana Negara Lama
it was converted to Museum already.
entrance fee is RM5/adult RM3/kids
naik suda ni..last time i visited in November last year it only cost RM3/adult
but the King's house not open to visitor yet during that time.
shiok juga...but tidak buli ambil gambar dalam rumah raja ok!

ni semua gambar dewan dia and luar istana

yay! finally...siap juga post saya..
so guys if you come down to KL
do visit this places..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY 2013: Where have you been? (part.1)

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GONG XI FA CAI (ang pao na lai)
Still acceptable right? yalo..not Chap Goh Mei yet maa!
So how was you CNY? for those who celebrating 
of coz la gather and celebrate with family.
But for those who not..
what have you done on such a long holidays?
well, for me..
i've been to quite a lot of places to kill the boredom during that long holidays,
 and yes i did took another 3 days of AL since im nanny-less by that time.
One of my friend who studies in Ipoh
pay me a visit since she's in holiday too..
yalah semua orang balik kampung kan..
kesian pula kalau dia sendiri2 di hostel
so i invited her to come to KL and co-nanny my son!
sungguh mengambil kesempatan kan?! haha
Day 1
So on CNY eve, Saturday
we've been to Pantai Morib
It is located near Simpang Morib, which is about 10 km from the town of Banting. (wikipedia)

Me, Coolye with son Heaven
Its sunny and windy by that time..
well its beach obviously!

Coolye, Dewa Kekayaan (see his stomach) hahaha, Son and Husband is lepaking sambil makan kuui pisang

Heaven was so attracted to this colourful windmill, tingula..mau pigang sendiri kenen! 

well this is Auntie B! wah!! nda ba, this is me..feeling2 remaja ok!
kami nda pula pigi di pasir2 pantai since it was too hot and windy which is not a suitable weather for Heaven.
tau takut tapi bawa juga berjalan kan..
actually we want to visit the
Golden Palm Tree in Sepang
it was so near to Pantai Morib..
but since we reach Morib at 5pm..
kami batalkan saja niat kami..
will visit the place soon..

Golden Palm Tree Sepang aka Maldives of Malaysian version :P 
Day 2
Its CNY!
kami pigi 
Air Terjun Sungai Gabai
our favourite waterfall!
ada entrance fee ok..
RM1/pax.. baby FOC
ok la kan..bikin gaji staf yang kasi bersih ni tempat
oh btw, parking amat susah di sini k...
limited parking but ramai orang datang..

tingu! ramai orang kan,..

KL View from Ampang Saujana.
It was a perfect place to escape from the hectic city life..
buli la pigi mandi2 sungai dan menikmati pemandang alam hijau...hehe
oh btw, Ampang Saujana is the place that u can enjoy KL view..
view malam la paling shiok..

KL view from Ampang Saujana at night. Picture taken on V-Day 2011

we've been to 4 other places on the 2nd and 3rd of CNY
but...will blog about it later..
till next post ya!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Change Desperately Needed!

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Sometimes, if you stay at one work place for a long period
it will certainly make your productivity decreased,
lack motivation and bored!
In another 2 months is my 8th Anniversary of being one of the employee in Finance Department.
Doing the same thing for almost 8 years!
well, i may assumed that i am one of the expertise in my field.
tapi, boring ba tu...
there is always a time for me suffering headache of thinking 
well, I've already made a decision.
i need a new air, place and experience!
will submit my transfer form to Human Resource Dept by end of this month!
Well, hopefully it will be a nice place to work  ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

World Cancer Day 2013

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Did you know?
Today is the World Cancer Day.
Thanks to the Calender i bought from St Anthony Church during last Christmas.
Cancer, a very frightening disease huh?
Just want to say;

For those who Suffering:
May God give you strength to fight the disease
and may you win the battle!

For the Survivor: 
Praise the Lord!
Take extra care of yourself

For those who lost the battle:
Rest in Peace my friend

p/s: My prayers and thought is with you.

more info on WCD official Website

Friday, February 1, 2013

Klinik Kesihatan Ampang

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Business Hour:
Monday till Friday: 8.ooam until 9.30PM!
Saturday: 8.00am-12pm
Sunday: Closed

I Only knew about their business hour when Just told me.
well, as i posted before son is not feeling well these few days.
Feverish and RINGWORM! 
(*if u followed me on FB, u'll know this has been his problem for couple of weeks)
It getting worst since Saturday.
Mula2 di muka saja, now spread to whole body!
Thanks to this clinic and Just for this info
boleh la saya bawa Heaven jumpa Doctor

Husband and Son
 I'm impressed with their services,
I noticed that they accept last patient on 9.30pm!
so, those who lives around this area
Ampang dan sewaktu dengannya
you may visit this clinic.
Oh btw, this is GOVERNMENT CLINIC!

p/s: Heaven condition: if his ringworm will not recover until Friday 1st February, i was advised to revisit this clinic and Dr says my case will be refers to Paediatrician.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Look..Finally!

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Blog got its new look!
Terima kasih kepada tiada kerja patut di buat masa kini!
Thanks to Annie for the link she gave me the other day!
Got this template from 
well, since i am myself really into her blog template,
sebab kiyut ni, ada karikatur dia..
so im thinking to have one like her la! (*ikut2 ba ;P)
but, i think hers is custom made.
'Dear Annie, sang manah kawuh buwat itu katun2 kawuh?'
Did u noticed the girl on top right..itu mimang ni template punya itu.
bukan saya itu!
I really like to have Me, Mr. Husband and Son Heaven cartoon on top of this blog.
Tapi, apa2 pun...
i should be proud of myself to make an effort and do this renovation
Good Job Belle! (*tepuk2 bahu sendiri)
Jadeh! cantik ka tia blog sia?
p/s: btw, BLUE is my new PINK!

till next post!
God bless!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (#7)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kuih Makmur

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Hi apa kabar semua? macamana hujung minggu kamu?
kalau di KL dan Selangor, panjang cuti hujung minggu..
sebab semalam hari Isnin cuti gantian hari Thaipusam yang jatuh pada hari minggu..
Sebenarrnya banyak plan saya masa hujung minggu tu,
tapi Heaven, anak lelaki saya demam la pula sejak hari Sabtu,
nasib baik semalam suda sembuh! Syukur!
saya pun tidak tau apa punca dia demam.. -_-
mungkin mahu tumbuh gigi, tapi bila saya perika gusi dia,
tiada pula kelihatan Mr.Tooth itu.. ermm. -_-'
so, semenjak semua plan terpaksa dibatalkan
saya pun dengan perasaan hiba (*atukei!)
mengisi masa lapang,(*lapang la sanggat!)
dengan membuat Kuih Makmur versi Sabah.
kalau kamu pernah makan kuih makmur versi semenanjung,
lain sikit rupa dan rasa dia ok! mula2 rasa pelik juga, tapi abis juga saya makan! kekeke
So sy mau kongsila resipi Kuih Makmur yang baru2 saya buat
manatau ada kamu yang tiba2 saja rajin mau buat kuih kan..


1/2kg Kacang Tanah
1/2kg Tepung Gandum
250gm butter 
(*saya lebih suka pakai butter daripada minyak sapi, saya tidak berapa suka dengan bau minyak itu!
p/s lagipun lagi murah! hahaha)
Gula Aising
Susu Tepung


1. Mula2 goreng tanpa minyak kacang tersebut sampai garing k!
Kalau kamu beli kacang yang ada kulit macam saya beli semalam, logot-logot la kamu buka kulit..haha

Kacang yang telah siap digoreng dan dikopek kulitnya.. ermm..rajin juga saya..(p/s mestilah kalau pasal makan :P)
2. Tumbuk kasar kacang tersebut.
tumbuh halus pun boleh juga, tapi lebih sedap kalau kasar!  ;)

3. Tepung pula, masak tanpa minyak juga. Ini tips mama saya, dia cakap ini untuk bagi tepung tersebut masak, emm...ikut saja la! kemudian ayak tepung tersebut supaya tekstur tepung tersebut lebih gebu dan halus. (*lupa ambil gambar)

4. Masukkan kacang yang telah ditumbuk ke dalam tepung dan gaul.

5. Masukkan juga gula (dalam 1 atau 2 sudu makan) , tidak payah banyak sebab kacang kan suda manis, lagipun kuih ni akan disira sama gula aising juga

6. Dan sedikit garam, bagi dia rasa lemak2 sikit...

7. Lepas tu, cairkan butter. 
250gm atau 1 buku/ketul butter pun suda cukup untuk portion 1/2kg tepung dan 1/2kg kacang ni

8. Masukkan butter cair dalam adunan dan kacau hingga sebati.
Gambar kanan, final look.


8. Lepas ni, mau masak suda.
Griskan loyang dengan butter/ marjerin dan bulat2kan doh tersebut. Ikut suka kamu la mau bulatan besar atau kecil. Tapi lebih baik dalam diameter 2cm. supaya tidak perlu tunggu lama untuk masak.

Letak nipis sahaja ya, kalau tidak, jadi kuih makmur goreng la nanti! hehe

bulatan kecil-bulatan kecil..buuuulatan besar!
9. Lepas tu, bakar doh tersebut.
Suhu: 160'c selama 20 minit (lupa ambil gambar juga -_-')

10. Setelah masak. sira atau kasi lumur (*betul ka ayat ni ar?) kuih tersebut dalam campuran Gula aising dan susu tepung
(sy pakai susu anak saya saja! hahaha...lupa beli susu biasa...ganti dengan Creamer pun boleh sebenarnya)

11. TADA..SIAP! bolehla simpan dalam bekas. Mahu makan terus pun boleh!

Okla kawan-kawan, kalau terlebih rajin boleh la buat kuih ni ar..
selalunya kuih ni bukan la popular sangat masa hari perayaan,
tapi bila hujung2 perayaan, inila biskut yang paling sedap! hahaha

*logot-logot (Dusun) : Pelan-pelan

p/s: Karangan BM ok!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I do look like Shit!

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Yes i am! :)
Currently reading this book

Mum In a Million by Judith Holder.
Buy this book during the latest Big Bad Wolf Book Fair
it only cost me RM10!
murah kan.?
since being a mother for about 6 months and 8 days (hamboi...siap hari ah!)
yes, i admit that i do look like shit..
according to this author

Page 31

Good Mother look like shit!
hahaha....funny huh?!
yes, i am proud to say that i am a good mother.
Not the perfect one yet i know im good.
yes, there is still some of time management and juggling role issue,
but i know, i will and can overcome it sooner.
so kawan2...
adakah anda juga kelihatan seperti tayeh? kekeke
Heaven: Omai!! My mum is shhhhs...
me: Please be proud of me son..hehe

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Makan Makan

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Who doesn't love to eat?
I always love to eat (*tapi bila gumuk, insaf sikijap..standard la)
when it come to dine out,
Bro always put the responsiblity on me to find the best restaurant to dine in.
well, bila ja dia suru cari tampat makan
itu bermakna, all expenses is on him!
lagi la semangat i cari tempat yew...!
and he always say that im REALLY GOOD on finding the best place :) (*see the babat la bro! :P)
gayo nakan kan?
wanna know how do i find the best places to dine in?
This is my Bible of Finding the Best Restaurant to Dine In

the last 2 restaurant we dine in are;

It was during Christmas
since kami nda balik kampung masa tu
so,we are having a simple Christmas dinner here.
Restaurant business hour is on 5pm until 1am, 
and until 2pm during saturday only.
Nasib baik kami datang awal, on our way out..
punya main panjang Q tunggu giliran mau dine in!
it was Christmas perhaps.
Food Price is reasonable
Food taste is Good, worthy with the price
but the steak is a bit over cooked
so we are having;
(refer picture, from top left to right)
1. Sirloin Steak 
2. Chicken Fondue (paling recommended)
3. Sparkling wine
4. Cheesy Chicken
5. Mix Grill (ada lamb, shrimp and the side dish as pic)
6. i should put the mini pizza pic here, tapi talampau gete mau juga taru gambar sendiri..kekeke 
itu adalah The Gayo Nakan Family, err..Heaven soon to be the gayo nakan baby.. sap sui..
everything is below rm150+ ,err i forgot the exact amount
since bukan i yang bayar kan.. :P
and of cos the amount is including 3 drinks!

So, we go for Korean food for New Year's Dinner
(trip trip korea la kenen)

and we're having of coz;

1. Dak Galbi 
Dak galbi, also romanized dalk galbi, is a popular South Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinateddiced chicken in a gochujang (chili pepper paste) based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions,onions and tteok (rice cake) together on a hot plate - source Wikipedia
Price: RM19/portion for less spicy sauce
RM22/portion for the spicy sauce
we go for the less spicy sauce, since takut pula sayang nda temakan kalau talampau padas
but, unfortunately it doesn't spicy at all!
mungkin lidah kami ni kabalan kali, tula nda rasa padas -_-'
we should go for the spicy instead
tapi nda apa, first time kan
oh btw, i love the rice cake so much!

2. SOJU 
selalu nampak dalam drama pula nampak ni botol dari kejauhan
so we ordered 2 bottles of SOJU
SOJU - Soju is clear and colorless. Its alcohol content varies from about 16.7%, to about 45% Most brands of soju are made in South Korea. Though it is traditionally made from rice, most modern producers of soju use supplements or even replace rice with other starches, such as potatoeswheatbarleysweet potatoes, or tapioca. - Wikipedia
ala kalau di Sabah Lihing la...
jangan kama..pukulan balakang ni Soju ni..
mirah2 juga diaurang bro and husband.
saya minum sikit jak, or else sepa mau dukung Heaven kan?

So, price is i dont know, feels like kinda pricey but
maybe its the average price..
tak kisah la, im not paying too! kekeke

so, guys..
may the link i gave buli kasi rujukan kamu ya!

p/s: i dont know if both restaurant is serving Halal food.
sorry no info for that ya!

till next post!

babat - lemak pada perut juga dikenali sebagi
Gayo Nakan - Besar makan, kuat makan
gete - Gedik

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lucky Draw

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I always said that i've never been lucky enough when it comes to LUCKY DRAW!
but lately, i think i am quite lucky enough..
lemme story2 about my lucky draw winning
My first lucky draw winning was at Church's function in mid last year..
itu time saya sarat mengandung dan sedang menunggu untuk bersalin di kampung..
i buy 10 tixs worth rm10, with no intention to win at all..
sebab tu sambil beramal ba kenen tu..
dan selalu saja nda pernah lucky ar..
so nda berharap sanggat la.
sakali!! i won a big hamper..
samangat ni pigi terima hadiah si 'ikan paus berkaki' itu..
biasala hamper makanan..i think its worth about RM30+ juga la..
nah untung! double the untung sebab its junk food..
which i always love during my late pregnancy!
kiiheii,...macam mau bershuffle ba saya jalan pigi ambil tu hadiah..
My Second Lucky Draw winning is also was at Church's function
it was after i'm giving birth to Heaven and he is about 4 months plus by that time.
itu pun kira sambil beramal la juga (*pun mau kasitau kan)
i buy 10 tix, worth rm10 too..
tapi tu orang salah bagi, she miscount my tix and only gave me 8tixs
so saya pun malas mau pigi claim the other 2 tixs
tup..tup! Manang lagi...
1 hamper! yay! sanggat gumbira!
It was TIPUware worth RM30+ juga..
sedih juga la bukan makanan..
tapi sorow po..bikin taru bosow dia bilang mamy saya..
and yesterday, there was a function in my work place..
and i won my 3rd LUCKY DRAW! (*Thank God!)

It was...

(Waaaaaahh~~*sound effect)
Lucky hah?
my number is '018'
when i first looked at that number, i am confident enough that i will won 1 lucky draw.
nda taula..tapi saya dapat rasa..
@_@ omai! i got 6th sense! 
ceh! hahahaha
Hadiah utama was this Phone and TV LCD 24 inches
and funny part is i pray that its not me winning the TV ok!
malu saya mau angkat TV with high heels on.. ceh! 
tapi kalau dapat mau juga..kekekeke rasa macam mau melumpat2 ja dari kerusi pigi ambil ni hadiah
but since im on my Baju Kurung and heels on...
harus bersopan santun pergi mengambil hadiah..
macam bulum puas mau ketawa happy lagi..
bah, share ur lucky draw winning experience with me..
kasi share2 the positive aura ba kenen..

p/s: sy rasa, saya patut beli numbur ikur o..
manatau manang kan.. kekeke.. (*tamak)

Sorow po - sukur la
Bosow - KDM traditional food, aka Perkasam in Malay

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