Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Dos and Don'ts for Train Passenger

Posted by Belle Edwin at 10:52 PM

Well since we’re not having our car around, me and husband take public transportation for everyday journey to work place.
I don’t have any other choices but travel by train, 2 trains to be exact! From Pandan Indah transit at Masjid Jamek and headed to Datuk Keramat, the nearest station to my work place.
I did see lots of peeps during my everyday ride with some annoying behavior that I noticed.
Oya, I purposely dedicated this post to All Annoying Train’s Passengers!
Well, this post is also adding some of the Dos and Don’ts that we already have such as…
1.       Prioritize seat for the needed one;
2.       Give way for others to disembark before entering the trains;
3.       And…bla…bla…bla…


This only applicable when there is no *VIP (Pregnant women, **OTAI and OKU) around. Please guys, think practical, if u standing in front of the empty seat PLEASE JUST HAVE A SIT, You just blocking other’s way to disembark and enter the train. It doesn’t make you any less courtesy by doing that.. Offer your seat when you see the VIP around, and if no such person, please DO THE RIGHT THING.

What? Are you a pole dancer? Or you don’t even know what the pole is for? Let me explain, the pole is for the standing passengers to hold on to, so they are not going to fall like bowling pins. So guys, I know you think you look COOL leaning on the pole…mau posing ala2 supermodel la konon? not selling fish (selfish) :P, bare in mind we, the standing passengers don’t want to be a huge size of falling bowling pins!

Hahaha..please guys, whether you work in air-cond place or not, or you think you don’t have body odor, please wear deodorant! You are the only one, who adores your own smell…oh, plus your spouse! Like seriously, please guys! You don’t want others puke on you kan..? So please..

Emm, I should start creating a sign for this new dos and don’ts.
Like this? Urgh..forget it..

  **OTAI- Old Timer/ Old people or beliau2 kalau di Sabah cakap.


Just said...

bikin panas kan yg bersandar di tiang tu! uikk.. ko naik tren pula skrg? keta d workshop?

Belle Edwin said...

iya....sakit ati sy nampak selalu ni... iya...nda suda skrg.. kereta ok suda d.. :)

de engineur said...

A tragedy is:

"When you are standing behind a tall guy in a train with his armpit 'wideopen' and it smells heaven, and you have to endure the snipping throughout the journey"

Cinoi Lavigne said...

Last month sy p kl sempat naik train. Memang kesian ya perempuan2 yg x dpt duduk tu. especially pregnant mothers. rilek seja yg sihat walafiat ni duduk2. Sama bau tuu yakk ampun sabarr seja laaa

Belle Edwin said...

PLUS u have to tahan urself from vomit out the delicious food you just have an hour ago...hahahahaha...

Belle Edwin said...

bingung kan....ntah kenapa na pandai rasa bersalah....

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