Friday, May 11, 2012

Mungkir Janji - Kids - Cat

Posted by Belle Edwin at 1:30 AM
iya2..... i broke my promise to keep my blog up to date...but blame it to Cik Hormone... the laziness hormone talampau banyak ba...that's why ndada update...kekek.(p/s: kasi salah hormon kenen)
btw, siou if some of u still do blog hop on this dusty and kinda haunted blog...tapi iri2 noh, aiso hapdet kio..siou..

Im visiting clinic this morning...i mean yesterday morning for my antenatal check up. o ya, fyi im on my 31st week already..and yes my bump is kinda huge, still i think its tiny than others bump on this period..
Well as i mentioned on my last bilang tu nurse..biasala tu kalau 1st baby.

so masa di kelinik... as im waiting for my turn ada la ni 2 ikur budak...well, i prefer to call them ikur instead of urang sebab..this two kids keep running round and round and round and round the clinic like it was a playground...adui bekerut suda dahi sy time tu....buli kau bayangkan.? sudahla muka zombie (*no make up) + bekerut dahi....still it don't manage to scared this two lil boys AT ALL!!...tapi ko mau tau...terbayang2 dalam kepala hutak sy....if only they fall in front of me...sure i'll say "KETEH NEGI!!!'.... (Dear God, forgive me to say and think like this...but please let us be a good parent so we will not having such child, amen). Mama dia pun satu...buli kasi biar nda tegur budak2 camtu...aish2...

Ok ini adalah kesinambungan cerita budak 2 ikur itu....adalah ni mummy cat was sleeping just infront on the clinic main door ba...she was preggy ok! aik dalam hati sy, cam tau2 jak ni mummy cat that this place is Klinik Ibu dan dia pun ada appointment..kekekeke....
tu cat was sleeping exactly on the lorong yang tu budak2 lari ba..ok la...this older boys tau la langkah tu kucing..tapi yang satu ikur ni..e'ehhhh......mimang dia blh limpas ba tu kucing tapi buli2 dia stop and sengaja pijak tu kucing...adedededeh....aik anything about hurting cats sure boiling my temper ni...ok 1st time kasi chance...
2nd round..buat lagi gitu.. FOR GOD SAKE!!!!!!! this time sy mau kasi alih tu kucing..taru dia tidur di i put by hand bag on my chair and about to go the mummy cat...tapi bila sy paling balik ma tu kucing ilang suda...aik! megik i assume that the mummy cat suda keluar la...

Well,i am soon to be someone's mum just in 2 months now...
still i questioned myself... Am i really ready to raise a child?
Can i be a good mother?,,well GOD WILL!!
in God's Name sure i will ba kan...
:) wish me luck guys!

Till my next post..which i dont even know when..kekeke...
selepas bersalin kali!


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