Monday, May 21, 2012

Kita hanya mampu merancang ba kan..

Posted by Belle Edwin at 11:33 AM

I always wanted to go for overseas holiday..
we supposed to have our 2nd Wedniversary holiday trip to Phuket on this coming 2nd June...
and we already paid the hotel and flight fare in FULL a..
as many peeps say..
kita hanya mampu merancang,
 Tuhan yang menentukan..
we have to canceled the trip due to my current condition..
Well..ndapa la..
we got MORE PRECIOUS gift for this coming Wedniversary
Yay! nda sabar mau balik kampung dan bercuti for 90days!


Daniel Chiam said...

The best is yet to come bah orang bilang... Haha, we have the same desire tapi because of current situation, terpaksalah delay2 dulu =/

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StellaClaire-Richard said...

Indeed. Tuhan yg menentukan..

Belle Edwin said...

Dan> iya ba kan....tapi what happen to u?

Belle Edwin said...

as Dan says...The Best Is Yet To Come :)

TaQuiLa said...

anduuu ba, sedih sa nampak title ko nih..

nevermind, phuket always can wait for u belle! what more to say..He gives u more precious moment ..

p/s: safe journey to the land below the wind ya~!

Belle Edwin said...

iya ba...there is always be next time for Phuket...
Betul...Thank God! the most precious gift :)
ya thanks...arap2 blh lepas la ni fly back kampung...
p/s: selamat berpantang she.. :)

Just said...

Bnyk kansel trip sia this year owh tp nasib baik semua tiket murah. Tepa belle.. Kamurang punya wedversary gift diz year lg mahal ba! :)

Belle Edwin said...

nampaknya...samala nasib kita ni...
sabar ja la kita...
ada lg trip sy pigi johor this coming October..
ndatau la tepigi ka nda..
iya btl tu...lagi mahal..nda ternilai ni..hehehehe... :)

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