Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movie Date (#1)

Posted by Belle Edwin at 4:57 PM

I always heard my friends complains that they really miss to have a movie date.. 
but since they own theirs minis, they don't have time to have one.. 
and i always say to them, that do not use kids as an excuse to not having one.. 
tapi bila sy bepikir balik..since we are going to have me+reo mini soon..
mimang tidak akan ada masa untuk pigi bedating berdua-dua.. 
apa lagi with only two of us here, far apart from our parents.. 
jadi kami ambil la kesempatan yang masih boleh diambil untuk bermovie dating..*wah!!! cengituh~ 
So we are watching WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING just now..
well for me i give this movie 3.7* out from 5*
 the movie was OK la for me..
mentang2 la im expecting now, knun mau tingula ni movie..
ada part lawak..and it also manage to give me a cry..
especially the part bila one of this couple miscarriage..
it really touched me and i know it must be so hurt when they really excited to have baby tapi camtu pula..
satu lagi part yang sedih bila..
satu couple ni..yes the one on the trailer yang cakap 'pregnancy is suck'
she cant have a normal labour since jantung baby dia semakin lemah..
so no choice she need to do c-sect (*btul kai tu?)..
bila selamat suda dia deliver..
she lost lots of blood..and may died..
part sini saya betul2 nangis..
husband dia panic suda time ni..
sy blh rasa...what if im that women..
tapi seripalis la kan...
jadi kamu mau tau juga ending dia? ka kamu mau pigi tingu ni movie?


Gallivanter said...

The movie was so-so for me, they should've focused on one or 2 couples instead of like this because the substance is so little. Could've been better. :-)


Belle Edwin said...

iya Dan..sama banyak part yang kena potong sy rasa..
that why there is some part yang suddenly sy lost ni...
nda paham cerita dia..
but u know what, the FART part is TRUE hokeh!!!...hahahahha...
so next time when it happen to mel..ko rileks ja a...hahahahaha

Armstrong said...

3.7? Specific juga hehee. Hebat-hebat ;)

Well, I don't fancy these kind of movies. Maybe ya, but watch at home saja la.

Ba, bagitau ja ba ending dia. Hahaa.

Happy Saturday, Belle!

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