Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Visit

Posted by Belle Edwin at 5:15 PM
The Sun is shining brightly
The flower bloom as it never bloom before
The birds sing a pleasant song
Because Hadraniel is coming!
World is overjoyed with the visit.

When the sun is standing straight with the earth
And while the whole world is celebrating Hadraniel
Suddenly rain and tornado shows up
Envy and not pleasure with the bright scenery
They shows up fiercely
Tornado hit the bird violently
And rain is drowning all the flowers
The Erath is gloomy and looked brownish because of the mud
Hadraniel afraid and left the earth

The day comes calmly on the next day
Earth meets again with the sun because it has to be that way
But the sense is not as comfortable as yesterday
No Birds, No Flower
No Song, No Color
The situation is like mourning the death king

The dolphin in the sea popped a question to the earth
When will Hadraniel come again?
So do the Rabbit the forest.
But then again
No one knows when the next visit.

~Belle Edwin a.k.a MandakRanau~

Finally i manage to write a poem!
ignore the grammar error ya...

p/s: kamu paham ka ni?
klau kamu nda paham bermakna sy berjaya buat poem..haha


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