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if u don't want to see my dark side, don’t make a promise u can't stick with, don’t say what u don't mean n don’t get close 2 me if u can't handle it~ + if I told u exactly how I feel right now u would have nightmares darling...! ^^v
Interesting huh?
This FB post from one of my friend in FB..
Banyak juga response ni post ni…
And 1 response that really caught my attention is this..
1st:tell everything about ur past and present before have any relationship...well if u noe he faltering u hehehehe :-)
2nd:let him decide, if he love from WHAT U ARE then fail...but if he love u from WHO U that i say grab him dont let it go
Jadey! Kalau kamu…
What will u do?
Do you really have that guts to tell someone who is not sure to be you BF/GF about the dark secret of yours?
And in the other hand..
Is it really important for you to know that?
Is it the ‘must do and must tell’ before having a serious relationship?
Misti banyak yang punya alasan sendiri..
Ada diantara kita yang rasa confessing is the best way to start a relationship
So the other person can deal with it..
And some of us think that
What happened is happened, let the time buried it and let it just be me deal with it.
macam ‘let bygone be bygone’ la..
So if im asking myself that 3 question;
This will be my answer.

1. I am not going to reveal my dark secret until we are having such a serious relationship. I tell u, it took me a LOOONG time before make a confession.

2. It is not important for me to know the dark secret of my other half, tu sejarah dia.. and im not interested to subject sejarah juga bei…hahaha
If it will hurt me, I prefer let him to not spill it.

3. Is it the ‘must do and must tell’ before having a serious relationship?

BIG NO darl..

1st sebab belum tau tu girl/boy will be your BF/GF/WIFE/HUSBAND
2nd You will ruin your chance to love and to be loved by someone you like.
I remember once my colleague told me this..
Be in serious relationship is like gambling,
You don’t know you will win or lose.
As for me,
I believe this!
1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply,
because love covers over a multitude of sins.

^_^ Have a nice day everyone! :)


Just said...

then apa la mksd tutup buku lama, buka buku baru kalau hal lama mau kasitau.. ;p

Belle Edwin said...

nah just! itoh la yang sa maksud kan...hahahah

Shandra Chocola Kyo said...

actuly kn i try 2 sindir my bf bh nie...~ haha... tp dun know y tht guy x pndai terasa...

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