Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Posted by Belle Edwin at 9:27 AM
im attending this one course recently
well..its about finance record actually..
tapi ada juga tu penceramah selit2 cerita lain on her presentation.
she is working with arkib negara
she told us that they still have the love poem written by our Malaysian popular poetry
Pak Za'ba..
ala..poem yang dia mengurat Isteri dia ba..
she told us that bahasa yg digunakan terlalu puitis smpai dia pun nda paham..
then i was wondering
poem is one of the method to express your feeling in 'complicated' way..
i called it complicated since mimang orang susah mau paham kan..hehe
****(*google pix)

i feel down recently..
em~ i think i should start writing a poem ni..
bah...till then..
have a nice day..


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