Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thank You 2012, BRING IT ON 2013!!

Posted by Belle Edwin at 3:56 PM
2nd day of 2013!
i noticed some of our Blogger friend have already posted about their 2012 review..
so sy pun mau gete-gete post my 2012 review..
Nothing much happens to me last year other than pregnancy and giving birth
but still i want to share this picture with you
5.2.2012 : On my 4th months of Pregnancy

06.04.2012. Finally after almost 2 years of marriage baru saya print our actual wedding photobook.
Best part of it, i received in on my Birthday,, What a coincidence! 

30.06.2012 - 10 days before deliver...
One of my aunty say..macam bukan mengandung..macam saya taru bola underneath my cloth,,kekeke

10.07.2012 - 1.10pm. Our lil King McHeaven is born..
First daddy-son time
and first pic i took of Heaven!

10.07.2012 - 11.01pm late night...
my first mummy-son pic that taken on my phone:)

18 days after giving birth
What a funny expression Heaven!! hahahaha

28.07.2012 - During confinement period.
Lil brother ask, 'kenapa ko kurus tiba2? Kapala ko basar dari badan ko o'
29.12.2012 - Aww...Son, you grow too fast...mummy feel old already! :*


Have you set your 2013 resolution?
I am done with my list
here i reveal mine!

wah! hebat kan..siap ada picture lagi!
saya buat assignment ba tiba2 buat la ni...

 as i post before, i hope that i can get husband's permission to have this boyish hair style
wish me luck guys!

2. VISIT 1 OF SABAH's ISLAND may laugh at me!
never in my life ever visit one of Sabah's Island ar!
Shame on me as Sabahan..iya...-_-'
i've already list a couple of island for me to visit..
so yes..i need to start the bikini hunting now..
bagus kalau sy pakai pun.. :P

yes i admit, since im pregnant, i cant maintain my good grade..
currently, mine is VERY BAD!
its really hard you know..
i am easily fall asleep while im pregnant.. (*alasan)
jadi..saya akan belajar bersungguh-sugguh pada tahun ini!

I've set my goal.
and hopefully im manage to hit that goal!..
(wah..macam mau sipak bola pula)

 another laughing stock!
its almost 8 years im here in Tanah Malaya..
but never step my foot on that land..
kesian kan..?

be in my personal life or working life.
ingat sinang?
as for work: sy cuba untuk tidak lewat dan no Malas Cert for entire year..kekeke...
and for personal life:
 biasalah manusia kan..sinang jak dengar cerita negative dan berprasangka negative ni...
I WILL think and act positive!
iyala, juga yang sinang ati kan..

macam saya tingu di TV,
pack my back, heading to airport and take the 1st flight to anywhere..
hamboi!!! pengaruh TV kan!
okla...itu kalau kana numbur buli la..
kalau travel by car pun buli la!


Just said...

Belle, kalau pregnant baby boy, mmg nda mengambang tu badan. so mcm kena taruh bola la. hahaha.. mcm siok pula sia tgk ko pnya wish list ni. sia pun lama sdh nda visit sabah island. hrp2 cny nnt sempat. ;p Ba belle, last minute trip p genting la apa lagi! hehehe..

Belle Edwin said...

Kama..pigi la kalau ada masa..pigi yg area KK ka... :)
ko nda mo post wish list ko?
genting highland mimang suda mau yang ndada plan dlm list vacation sy ba...kekeke

Just said...

1 ja wishlist sia ni.. mau drive! hahahah.. susah tu geng kalau nda plan. kalau duit mmg standby mgkin teda halangan! Hahahah

vie said...


Belle Edwin said...

ko buli bah tu pigi blajar balik just...refreshment class knen..tapi mo bayar la...bek ko minta ajar husband ko la... misti mo berani ja ba kalau driving, btw cursing while driving helps a lot! hahaha

Tunung D. said...

hahaha, kesian kita kan, nama ja Sabahan tapi pulau2 di Sabah pun x pernah pigi. Tapi sia suda pigi la, last year..hihihi
Ni thn wishlist sia mo traveling - sama kawan2 (oversea) - lone ranger (local).

Belle Edwin said...

nah..bagusla ko...ada juga tepigi..kekeke..
sy rasa oversea vacation sy postpone year..
masih sedih ni..phuket vacation sy burned... :(

Belle Edwin said...

Jom Island plan bln 7 ni..sangmanah?

Just said...

moy... apa pula travel lone ranger yg local punya... bw sia ba! ;p

Belle Edwin said...

kamu!! kasi jeles sy.... :( hahaha

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