Friday, December 23, 2011

Social Network.

Posted by Belle Edwin at 8:40 AM

I believe each and everyone of us misti ada account with social network..
Facebook, Twitter..u name it!
kalau boleh semua pun mau ada account kan...
but each of us misti ada tujuan, kenapa sign up..
Ada yang bertujuan supaya sinang contact with friends, Family ect.
ada juga yang use it as a medium to make money.
which i am one of them!
well its ok...
but still, i DO NOT AGREE if someone use it as a medium to preach certain Religion...
and lagi teruk kalau condemn other religion..
I CANNOT accept it!.. kalau itu page mimang religious page...
Im OK with it...but im pretty sure dalam tu page teda condemn about others religion.
TAPI ini! personal account ba!
every Religion has thought their follower to be a GOOD PERSON!
indada la yang mengajar jadi urg jahat..
so please everyone...
Be nice to others..
as quote is Christians Bible says;
and i do believe others do taught theirs to love others too!
so guys, lets practice what our religion has taught us.

Have a Blessed Day everyone! :)

3 comments: said...

People nowadays are just too egoistic & act like know-it-all.. we can't do anything. :(

Belle Edwin said...

well iya... nda apa kita saling me'remind'kan sesama sendiri.... that the purpose i write this post :)

HoneyBUZZin said...

Some people can be incredibly annoying but just stay off limit with such people. Words written carelessly will reflect one's personality.
Take care.

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