Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Im Coming Home

Posted by Belle Edwin at 11:07 AM
Im Coming Home~
Coming home.. tell the world im coming home~

Shiok pula tu lagu kan...
Bila selalu tingu cerita di TV pasal balik kampung
Common issue is ‘mau balik rumah siapa?’
Masa tu sedap ja mulut sy cakap…
‘aik bah beganti-ganti laba, 3 hari sana, 3 hari sini’
But when I really in this situation
Uh~! Sanggat susah pula o kan…
As you all know, my hometown is at Ranau
And maybe I didn’t mention in my blog before that
My husband’s kampong is actually at Kota Belud
It took about 1-2 hours drive from Ranau.
And currently we are working at this city of hell…haha..
Last May is our 1st balik kampong together,
Kami balik Ranau.. :) My parent’s house…
so We will balik kampong again this coming Saturday,
just short trip actually, 5 days..tapi buli la ba kan
Balik Kota Belud for my SIL engagement.
Reo keep telling me that he was super excited to go home,
Yeah I do feel the same way..
Shiok ba tu aramai ti kan..
Hehehe…sepa nda suka..!
But when I called my parents back in Ranau
They keep asking me,
‘Kamu balik Ranau juga ka? I got this and this for you and your bro’
And I said I don’t know yet since
We have lots of plan to do in KB,
Tapi….sayunya hati ini…
Might be the common issues for those who already married ba kan..
Lama2 I will used to it la tu. hehe
Or maybe I should apply to work in Sabah, I think
Em~~ will do in further future..


Aweyn said...

i miss ranauuuu. :(

beaty said... belle susa suga pula kan kalau mau balik kg sdri n kg mentua ni..hehe

anyway bh palan2 kamu nanti ko aramai tie d KB

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