Saturday, February 1, 2014

Award as an opening post for 2014

Posted by Belle Edwin at 12:23 PM
another long hiatus from me kan..?
ok how u guys been doing?
just a lil update from me.
1. IM A MOTHER OF TWO now, safely delivered a chubby lil girl on 3rd December last year.. 
(will post about her soon)
2. I am still on ML until 10th February... but will continue until end of feb

as per post.. i was kinda surprised when i received a PM on FB from this blogger..
saying that im was nominated to received the LIEBSTER AWARD

actually i really have no idea about this award..
but seems the Q is kinda interesting saya pun jawab jala..
since i have no idea to post on this blog as well..

so here is her Q to me..

1. One 2014's resolution that you really  want to make it as a reality?
hahaha...inda la.. well i didnt set any goal this year.. jara bah..i set quite a lot of resolution last year but only manage to fulfill 1! so frustating.. 
so, i just want to go with the flow this year..
i just want to live my life to the fullest!

2. Between  gold and money, which one will you choose? And the reason?
BOTH! well.. both are valuable right..
tingula sekarang banyak post di FB.. sepa ada 10cent malaysian money on certain year kenen
ada org mau beli on high price..

3. What place you really want to visit with your beloved ones?
baru2 ni saya ada tingu ba ni 'NOONA OVER FLOWER' on M Channel (available only on HyppTV)


cantik tempat2 yang diaorang visit..
one fine day, sy mo pigi hanimun di semua tempat yang dorg visit!

4. What is in your mind when read "LOYAL"?
without thinking much...My Wedding Cake!
Its ROYAL ICING cake..haha.. LOYAL - ROYAL
kamu cake sy tu..gula tabal 1 inch..
adik sy cakap umban di dinding pun inda pecah..
sib baik i have 2 design of cake by that time..
tamaha kan..

5. What your favorite stuffs in your  hometown?
FOODS of course!
Sinalau, Tuhau, Tutan, Bosou, Kodop!
all the KadazanDusun dishes!
OH..sama tu kabus on early morning!

6. Who is  the superhero you wanna meet in real life?
our 1st Sabah Chief Minister!
im damn curious why and what for he's flying to Malaya on that plane..

7.What is  your three wishes if come you meet a genie?
1st, 2nd and 3rd wish = gimme another 3 wishes!
nah now i have another 9 wishes..

8. You spent you money most on...
FOOD and KIDS clothes

9. Ice cream or cake?

10. Contact lense or glasses?
GLASSES.. hassle free kama..nda payah risau pasal hygiene issue

11. Favorite quote?

im not going to tag anyone..
but if you do feel free, please just answer this fun Q!
thanks to Nurul for tag..
love it!

till then..
KYM mo nenen suda ba


Gaby said...

waa dpt calon award! :D haha num 7 tu baaa....haritu sy nmpak d tv tu aladin ckp sama tu king "tell me ur 3 wishes..u can ask for anything except another wishes..." dorg pn bijak sda skg :p

Belle Edwin said...

Aisehmen.....jin sktg makin bijak..

Nurul Hamizah said...

Wow... Aisey..semua jawapan. kreatif. Bah sama lah kita, saya pun suka tuhau sama bosou. :D Keep it up. :D Siok bah mau baca blog kau, tidak mustahil pembaca blog kau makin ramai. readers more important than gaining followers.

Christey said...

Weeee sumandak ranau. followed you ah. siok blog kau. visit2 lah blog sy ah.

Belle Edwin said...

Emm...kalau mama2 sudakan..malas suda tu mo ramai follower but still inlove to make friend via blogging! ;-)

Belle Edwin said...

Yay sumandak!! Tq..bah nanti sy follow ko a.. ;-)

Armstrong said...

Hope you'd get the award! :) Siok juga baca your tag hehe.

And happy weekend!

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