Friday, January 13, 2012

When Prayers are Answered (pt.2)

Posted by Belle Edwin at 10:24 PM

God always hear our prayers! :-)
mine are answered!
Yes..i am 14 weeks pregnant now. :-)
My due will be on 10th July..
Please pray for me n mini me+reo health ya!
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Wina John said...


Sarah said...

Waaah!!!!!! Congrats Belle!!! So happy for you :D :D

Aweyn said...

congratulations sis ;)

TaQuiLa said...

congrats belle!

Angel said...

That's a great news. Congrats! :)

beaty said...

congrats belle...nah jadi mommy suda kan..praise to God

Dora A. said...

Congratulation Belle & Reo. Take care ya!

Armstrong said...

Hey Belle... happy 14th week yo! ;D Sia nda nampak o mana dia hehee.

And happy Monday!

Belle Edwin said...

Thanks semua... :)
Arms.. nanti sy kasi highlight a.. hehehehe

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